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There are multiple ways a deal, firm, team or professional can be nominated: (a) self-nominations; (b) nominated by your collegue; or (c) client nominations.

The process for submission is as follows:

  1. Create an account to manage your nomination submissions. Once you have created an account, you may enter the data at your convenience. All data entered in the individual nomination form(s) will be saved until 20th October, 2017, allowing you to log back in and finalize your submission(s). Please be advised, once you submit the nomination, no further changes can be made.
  2. Select the Award category
  3. Name your nomination
  4. Provide basic information about the company, transaction, team or individual.
  5. Write a short profile (maximum 200 words) about the company, transaction, team or professional using the evaluating criteria outlined on the Judging page.
  6. Provide contact information for Nominator; Nominee; Marketing/PR/Communication representatives.