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The Corporate Development Leadership Awards program will award the corporate development professionals and their organisations for their accomplishments in M&A, Growth Strategy, International Market Development and Business Turnaround. As well, the awards will recognise the market professionals that contribute to the success of the corporate development leaders – the financial, legal and consulting deal team members, who play a key role in successful transactions.

The award winners will be announced and the awards will be presented at an exclusive Gala Ceremony event on 25th April at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, London. 




There are no fees to submit your nominations for the Corporate Development Awards.


Awards will be presented in the following order:

     1. Corporate Performance Awards

      "Corporate Performance of the Year" Awards will be presented based on regions.

     2.  Transaction Awards

      “Deal of the Year” Awards will be presented based on different transaction values, sectors and regions.

      3.  Corporate Development Team Awards

      “Corporate Development Team of the Year” Awards will be presented based on regions.

      4.  Corporate Development Professional Awards

       “Corporate Development Professionals of the Year” Awards will be presented based on regions.


General Nomination Criteria

  1. There are no limits on the number of nominations submitted
  2. A separate nomination form must be submitted for each transaction, company, team, and professional to be nominated
  3. Nominations must all be submitted electronically using this website
  4. The Final Award Nomination Entry Deadline is Friday, February 2, 2018 3:00PM EST

Specific Award Category Nomination Criteria

      1. To qualify for Corporate Performance Awards, a company must be active in EMEA region.

      2. To qualify for Transaction Awards, the deal must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The deal must have a minimum value of £10MM
  •  The deal must have been closed between 1st July, 2016 and 31st October, 2017
  •  Either the buyer or the seller must be domiciled in the EMEA region

       3. To qualify for Corporate Development Team Awards, the team, operating on the behalf of a corporation (may include internal only or internal and external players), must include some members in the EMEA region.

       4. To qualify for the Corporate Development Professional Awards, the individual must be active, full-time or part-time, in the EMEA region during.


There are multiple ways a deal, firm, team or professional can be nominated: (a) self-nominations; (b) nominated by your colleague; or (c) client nominations.

The process for submission is as follows:

  1. Create an account to manage your nomination submissions. Once you have created an account, you may enter the data at your convenience. All data entered in the individual nomination form(s) will be saved until 26st January, 2018, allowing you to log back in and finalize your submission(s). Please be advised, once you submit the nomination, no further changes can be made.
  2. Select the Award category
  3. Name your nomination
  4. Provide basic information about the company, transaction, team or individual.
  5. Write a short profile (maximum 200 words) about the company, transaction, team or professional using the evaluating criteria outlined on the Judging page.
  6. Provide contact information for Nominator; Nominee; Marketing/PR/Communication representatives.


Judging Process

The M&A Advisor uses the research services of S&P Global Market Intelligence to access both real-time and historical information on companies, markets, deals, and people that are represented in the nomination submissions. An independent committee of M&A and deal financing industry business leaders will judge all nominations. The judging will be conducted in a Merrill Corporation® virtual dataroom using exclusive and trusted technology to ensure that all eligible nominations are processed, evaluated securely and confidentially.

Award Category Judging Criteria 
To follow are the judging criteria that will be considered for each award category. 

  1. Corporate Performance Award:
    • Application of innovation in product, service or process
    • Organic business growth
    • Geographic market expansion
    • M&A and/or alliance
    • Business turnaround
  2. Transaction Award:
    • Challenges to execution
    • Unique attributes
    • Activities of the deal team
    • Benefits to company and stakeholders
  3. Corporate Development Team Award:
    • Internal team members
    • External team members
    • Distinguishable unique attributes of team
    • Accomplishments of the team
    • Contribution to the company
  4. Corporate Development Professional Award:
    • Corporate development experience
    • Career accomplishments
    • Team leadership qualities
    • Unique attributes


The M&A Advisor and its independent judges will maintain the strictest confidentiality for all entries. Upon the selection of Award Finalists, only the company, transaction and professional(s) names will be publicized. While there may be a dollar range specified for transactions awards categories, the actual value will not be published at any time.  

Click Here to create a new account and submit a nomination.